Why I created The Alpha Project

Becoming The Alpha Of The Pack: The Alpha VA Project

Hi! It’s Althea here, the chief cheerleader and initiator of Online Executive Assistance.

My team and I have been working together for three years now, and we have unraveled more than several valuable lessons on how to succeed as virtual assistants.

We have been on all sides of the spectrum: Recruiting for clients, working, and even hiring for our small organization. We want to bring the insights we learned from our own mistakes, errors and nuggets of wisdom from our clients themselves.

The truth is, creating a VA course has been on my mind for more than a year, but I was pre-occupied with a lot of things. Only recently did I had a compelling reason to go through with it.

The real reason

Before I tell you the reason why, let me tell you a bit about me.

I have always been in the business of helping. I like to think of myself as someone who helps a client get to their goals by giving them support as much as I can as an executive virtual assistant. I also help out people who want to start earning online by constantly creating FREE content to aid their transition to work from home.

Even before all that, I am a technical support representative, and my goal was to resolve issues and help the people I talk to get timely resolution.

Helping. It’s always fun. For more than two years of doing this, the private messages of people thanking me for giving them assistance when they were starting out are the best payment there is. And that is the truth whether you believe it or not – because that is what my heart is telling me.

But even I can see the end of what one can do for free. And this not because I want to suck money out of people who just want to start. I will continue to create FREE and VALUABLE content as I always did, but the main reason for my decision to switch to a paid course approach is:


I want to commit to giving people the best quality of support I can offer, and a person can only give so much. In my free help, I must divide my time between the people I want to help for free and the people that pay me to help their business – my clients.

I also want people’s commitment when they take help from me. Yes, there is FREE content and super awesome influencers out there who, like me gives out so much for free – and they are commendable.

Again, I will not stop giving out free content to aid people, but for those who would like to receive support from me that is not like how I give it to everyone else I want to commit my time to them as I would a client who wants me to elevate their business by giving my all.

I noticed that even the truckloads of wisdom being shared are not given the proper merit it deserves just because it’s FREE. That does have something to do with people’s mentality and not the influencers’ fault at all.

So this time, I will give attendees my commitment and will ask for theirs as well.

Also, organizing content and information that is enough to change a person’s life is not easy (or possible at all) to do without paid platforms and individuals working together to bring great support won’t be free. My helping people for free is not an excuse to not pay those that made it happen.

And so I designed a dynamic course outline. I say dynamic because, in an attempt to not force you to buy a whole course just to get to the bits that you need, it’s made in a way that you can decide which parts you want and pay for it.

A Dynamic Course

Of course, the whole course will help you, and it does not matter where in your career journey you are:

Zero knowledge

But in the end, you can pick the juiciest part and taste it without being bloated by other snacks. 😉

The Alpha VA project is to give VAs insights that otherwise would take years to present itself. We are not just providing a course; we are providing a fast track to the VA standard that this team and other VAs I know subject themselves to charge better rates and level up their VA business.

I want Pinoy VAs to stand toe to toe with VAs from the US, Canada, UK,  Australia and charge at least $15 per hour because we deserve it. Don’t you?

My message to you

To me, being a virtual assistant isn’t just a job you do with awesome perks. It’s a lifestyle. It’s an advocacy. I advocate for my fellow virtual assistants and also for my clients. Yes, clients. As a VA my main goal is to act as a support so my clients can reach their business goals faster. I want to impart that to all VAs. That this is not just a means to earn, but also a way to make a difference. Being part of another’s success is the most awesome feeling.

I want you to dedicate yourselves as people who is in the business of helping and in return? Good help comes back to you too. 🙂

So if you are interested in getting the course, I say to you: Think about it first. Make sure it’s an investment you are willing to take. Not just money, but also time and commitment.

Commitment not to me, but to yourself. This is the link to the whole course outline to help you decide. Remember, you can pick out the parts you need.

Check out the course’s whole outline by clicking here. 

I look forward to seeing you in the international VA arena! 🙂

Althea Sagayno
CEO of Executive Online Assistance
VA Maker