Tips and tricks on creating a profile

Profile image No dark selfies, blurred selfies, selfies in the beach, selfies with your pet, selfies with someone else (however cropped they are, their arms are still in the picture) in fact, no selfies at all. Take a properly lit headshot. No 1 by 1 scanned images of ID pictures especially if you look spooked!…

Legit Freelance Marketplaces

Legit websites to get jobs from We’ve list down some of the known websites for freelancers and VAs to sign up and get jobs from. As you can see there is a lot. Before diving in, here are some tips: Focus on 3-5 websites at a time. Remember that being a legit website does not…

What is a VA and why your business needs one

Do you forget things or start doing tasks and leave in the middle because something came up?
Are those little tasks keep piling up until they get in the way of other more important work?
Is having too much to do with so little time bearing down not just on you but on your business as well?

If you say YES to all those, then you might just need a Virtual Assistant to help you with your business.