Our Executive Approach

Who we are

Headed by Althea Sagayno and Leigh Decolongon, our team is a well oiled machine where VAs are trained and managed for optimum performance.

As a team of experienced Virtual Assistants we act as a support for your business, inserting ourselves where we are most needed and where our skills are of most value.

Our Approach

We take our executive quality work to your everyday tasks. We aim to get things done in an orderly fashion focusing on efficiency, quality and that premium experience.

Our VA is not a worker who gets things out of the way but an investment to your business’ success.

Best-in-class strategy to assure VA performance

When you get a VA from us, you are working with a managed an online professional who is trained and regularly coached for quality, adherence and professionalism that you would expect from assistants who works for executive level positions.

Getting Virtual Assistants from our team means that you are working with VAs who are trained to be efficient and focused on quality by taking the extra mile every chance they get.