Five Indications That You Don’t Need a Virtual Assistant

Did all this hype about virtual assistants got you thinking: Do you need to hire one too?

You know I’ll be honest, having a VA is not a pre-requisite to business success nor is a VA the magical solution to all your struggles as a business owner or consultant or coach.

It’s becoming more of a trend, really.

Having a virtual assistant may also be not compatible with your style as an entrepreneur.

So before you go out and look for a virtual assistant, find out if you really need one! Here are five simple signs.

You accomplish everything. On time. All the time.

Yep. If you’ve consistently been thinking, what are these entrepreneurs talking about in social media and their blogs in struggling with their to-do tasks and they even need apps or coaches to help them accomplish their work efficiently then this may mean you have inhuman speed and you are blessed with such laser focus you finish everything when you set your mind to it.

You are super organized

You organize all your stuff from folders to sub-folders to sub-sub-folders. Because organizing these actually saves you more time to – well, organize more. And since you don’t need any help on this front, you probably don’t need a virtual assistant to come in and do it for you because you already know where everything is.

You have great work-life balance

Not only do you have enough time for your business, you also do not miss any soccer practice or birthday party let alone forget it! After all, virtual assistants are for people who can’t get their lives together. You don’t need that. Your work-life balance is on point. Maybe you should also create a course or eBook on this. That would make for an awesome income stream, don’t you think?

You are not pressed for time

Okay, so sometimes it happens, you indulge too much on those cat videos or you were stuck in traffic. But you’re mostly not in a hurry to do or finish something, your efficiency is on point. So is everyone in your organization, and you could not ask for more, really. Deadline, what deadline? You have ample time to get in and get results, and your investors are happy with the performance.

You are superb in every aspect of the business.

If you think about weaknesses, you can only come up with Kryptonite. I mean, really? Did you not built this business, of course, you know how to operate and execute every nook and cranny of it. Is that even something someone should have a challenge on? You have a well-rounded skill set that you utilize along with your laser eyes and you get things done. Having someone in might even mess up your mojo and routine.

In full disclosure

A virtual assistant wrote this. *wink*

I had fun writing this, I hope you had fun reading this too! And this is in no way making fun of anyone. I do also believe that not everyone is compatible with having a virtual assistant or at the very least, not right away. it is also important to note that virtual assistants function much more than a person who gets tasks done, they act as a support for your business.

And, you may also still be thinking twice about it. If yes, then research some more and ask your peers with virtual assistants and see how it is for them, what were their challenges and why they retained their VAs then decide for yourself. Take it one step at a time. Getting a virtual assistant is a transition. 🙂

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Agree 🙂 Though VA’s has been part of business owners success .


  2. butligmaryanne says:

    For me, it’s better to hire a VA so that business owners can focus on important things. 🙂


    1. Althea Sagayno says:

      We do too! 🙂 That’s really the whole point of this post.


  3. Marianne S. Enriquez says:

    Nice read. Thanks for sharing!


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