Tips and tricks on creating a profile

Profile image

No dark selfies, blurred selfies, selfies in the beach, selfies with your pet, selfies with someone else (however cropped they are, their arms are still in the picture) in fact, no selfies at all. Take a properly lit headshot. No 1 by 1 scanned images of ID pictures especially if you look spooked! If you look pretty in it then by all means, but if you’re like me who is cursed with an awkward looking face in all her ID pictures, don’t.
No need to have it done by a professional in a studio. Just put some light make up on (for girls) wear something business casual. Smile and look for your best angle. Most phones have decent camera quality. Also, do not over filter, it’s not a dating profile. A head shot with great lights, from the crown of your head to a little past your chest.


This is not your Miss, Missus or Mister. This is how you want to be recognized as a professional. Some people go for the basics:
Technical Support/Customer Service Representative Virtual Assistant Graphic Artist Web Developer
Adding your niche or focus can help here, remember it’s all about impressions and you need to show some sass. Adding keywords makes you look like you know your thing about it, it also adds to your “searchability” Example: Real Estate VA, Magento Developer, e-commerce Marketing and Sales Manager.
Tip: You can be a bit creative if you have the confidence to fly with “Rockstar Real Estate Virtual Assistant” go for it!
You can add one to three things if you are pretty well rounded like “Magento | WordPress Developer”
The client has to know right away if you can do the job, and if you add things that they can focus on instead of the same generic and vague things other applicants have on their profiles, they may take a better look at yours.


Your OVERVIEW will be a client’s primary focus when looking at your profile. Here are some tips on how to create an optimized profile:

Check for grammatical errors.

While creating your overview, use MS Word and Grammarly to highlight obvious grammatical errors. Remember that as a newbie you will need to make use of everything you have to be hired. Knowing that you don’t have any experience yet online may put you in a disadvantage, counter this by making your overview impeccable.

It’s NOT about you.

An overview is not for you. It’s for the CLIENT. Make sure to add information that a client will find relevant.

Be professional.

Do not add personal issues like how many kids you have and how desperate you are in getting an online job. This will turn off any potential client. It is unprofessional and will make you look like you have a lot of issues that may make you unreliable.

Here is a template that you can personalize. DO NOT COPY-PASTE!

I earned my [course, example Bachelor’s degree in XXX] and have worked for [types of companies or organizations you worked for] since [year]. As a/an [position], [detail a skill you used for that position example:] I have a great eye for detail that enables me to [do whatever the job was].
Other positions I have held before are [position] for a [description of company] where I [describe job], [position 2 if applicable] for a [description of company] where I where I [describe job] and [position 3 if applicable] for a [description of company] where I where I [describe job].
[List down any achievements and awards you got, example:] Awarded as the best telemarketer of the month for three consecutive months, I not only secured sales but went above and beyond the quota.
Here are a list of tasks and jobs I can do:
Customer Service Technical Support Telemarketing Email Support Calendar Management Social Media Management Graphic Design Web development (specify what CMS or software) [Show proof and data, for example:] Capable of launching Facebook ad campaigns. [OR] Capable of growing your social media interaction by curating content that your audience like and will see value in, engaging with them on comments and generally ensuring that everyone gets the attention they need from your brand. I once handled a social media campaign that garnered 1,000 likes for the page and generated XX amount of sales.
[Talk about how you conduct work example:] A punctual worker that focuses not only on efficiency but also on quality. [add other skills you have: hardworking, team player etc. and how you can be an asset to a company.]

Some more tips:

Check out the profile of other applicants especially those with similar skillsets as yours. See how they crafted their overviews and get inspirations from them. DO NOT COPY. Personalize and make it yours. As you add and hone skills, go back and update your overview.

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  1. great tips 🙂 simple but very interesting . planning to edit my profile in upwork and will definitely consider your tips .


  2. butligmaryanne says:

    Thanks for the tips! This is so helpful. 🙂


  3. Marianne S. Enriquez says:

    Building and growing your online portfolio has to be fun, professional and creative. Thank you for sharing these smart tips!


  4. Vea Czarina Alfon Oliveros says:

    Thanks for this! Really helpful to us newbies 🙂


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