What is The Alpha VA Project

The Alpha VA Project is a comprehensive course that takes you to a step by step process that turns you to a high-level virtual assistant.

After completing the course, you will have more confidence and would have gained the insights that current virtual assistants took years to realize.

Send out applications like a PRO and perform on the job like an experienced VA with years under your belt.

A course designed by virtual assistants for aspiring virtual assistants. It’s not just to get you started; it’s to get you ahead.

It will cover everything from how to start to looking for and landing clients as well as how you can level up your career.

Find out what you need to start a profitable VA career (setup, tools, accounts, and skills)
Types of clients, where to find them and how to land one.
How to ace interviews
Get paid – well.

This course is filled to the brim with all the necessary skills a VA needs to possess to be successful.

Find out how you can get clients to notice you even if you are a total newbie.

Already a VA, but struggling to get to the next level? We will tell you how to get from where you are to where you want. With simple, actionable and practical tips.

Niching down
Marketing your services outside websites
How to foster growth
Mindset shift
Rate Increases
Client management & relationship building

The Alpha VA project is not just an online course to get people started in their VA careers. This course is designed to give the attendees an upper hand when it comes to making decisions for their VA business.

Online Executive Assistance is a group of virtual assistants headed by Althea Sagayno. Together with Leigh Decolongon, Michelle Santillan, and Lerry Gacias this VA team was created. Together we honed our skills and trained other people into virtual assistants.

For three years OEA was a silent team of VAs working together on projects but active in the Philippines freelancing community. Noticing a sudden spike to aspiring VAs, we wanted to reach out and provide support and know-hows we wish we knew when were starting out. We want to bring that global standard of virtual assistants to our fellow Filpino.

We believe that a rising tide lifts us all.

Want to learn from those who’s has experienced the struggles you are facing on how to break the newbie barrier? Check the course overview here.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. I think this helps keep Va accountable and professional. I glad there is a program like this to help aide in standard.


  2. This looks really interesting! i’ll have to check it out!


  3. Glad that there are a lot of tenured Freelancers ready to share and impart their journey. Need to check this out 🙂


  4. butligmaryanne says:

    This is so helpful for every aspiring VAs. Thank you!


  5. Marianne S. Enriquez says:

    Here’s to a successful and profitable freelance career!


  6. Vea Czarina Alfon Oliveros says:

    Awesome! Such a huge help for aspiring VAs who don’t know where to start yet.


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