What can a Virtual Assistant do for me and my business?

What tasks can I hand off to a Virtual Assistant

If you haven’t worked with a VA before and you’re reading about the wonders a VA can do for you and your business, this might just be one of the questions you have.

Like, how is a VA different from a freelancer? Though VAs can be freelancers too, rather than someone who just does specific tasks for you, a VA is someone who wears different hats for your organization to help you get to your goals by taking care of processes.

Are Virtual Assistants online secretaries?

When people think of VAs they only think of someone who is a secretary or personal assistant but just does it remotely. Although this is true for some VAs, that is entirely preferential.

They are not just good for secretarial tasks you can’t find the time for, some VAs with multi faceted skills can help you directly in managing your business and make things run smooth.

Though the question of control comes into light, it really depends on how badly you need help and how much control you are willing to give up. But let’s save that for another post so here are some of the usual tasks VAs can definitely help you out with. Feel free to check and see which of these you are struggling with! *wink*

Virtual Assistant administrative tasks

Email support/Inbox management
Calendar management
Booking and appointment setting
Web research and data entry
Answer the phones for you
Basic project management

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Customer service
Technical support
Product listing

Virtual Assistants not only execute on tasks they can also be part of conceptualizing and strategizing for complicated processes like campaigns and marketing.

Digital Marketing tasks that Virtual Assistants can do

Email marketing
Social media marketing (FB ads and campaigns)
Social media management (posting and engaging audience)
Marketing automation
Lead Generation
SEO tasks
SEM tasks

Content for Virtual Assistants

Writing (blog posts, product descriptions, etc.)

Graphic Design

Logo creation
Image creation
Image touch up and enhancement

Specific softwares that Virtual Assistants can help you with

VAs can help you in using certain apps or platforms like


I could go on, and I can list down any job that can be performed in a computer and still there is a VA out there for that – for you.

It’s all about finding the right fit for your company and your needs.

Some virtual assistants find that niching down is the best so they can focus on tasks that are their strengths. Which I think is a win-win. Here you are, struggling with something; maybe you don’t have time for it, or it’s just not your cup of tea, get a VA who not only does the job but also does it like a pro.

While you’re doing something you are great at and needs your utmost attention, meanwhile the jobs tha bothered you before is being done efficiently and with enthusiasm.

What’s the difference?

So what is the difference of a VA that can do graphic design and a graphic designer then? A graphic designer focuses on what he/she is good at, once he/she has reached what you talked about, his function to your company can stop.

But a graphic artist VA not only creates images he/she will also upload the graphics to a folder, organize a file that contains what to use the image for, let’s say it’s a company logo. Then the VA will upload the logo to the website (or ask the web dev to do it) update everything that needs the logo slapped on it.

Send an email blast perhaps to all employees asking them to update the logos in their email signatures as well as coordinate with the right people to cascade the update in their departments.

A Virtual Assistant will always act as a support for your business. Not only are they awesome in their niche, they also make sure to take care of the things that stop you from reaching your full potential as the captain of the ship.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I am a gen VA for now and been planning to niche down . Your article is very helpful 🙂


  2. butligmaryanne says:

    It’s really important to find your niche and master the things that you love doing. 🙂


  3. Marianne S. Enriquez says:

    This is a great resource for new and experienced virtual assistants. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Vea Czarina Alfon Oliveros says:

    This is really helpful! As an aspiring VA, it’s been hard for me to know the perfect niche. Thanks!


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