Overcoming Your Fear of Going Live on Facebook

Facebook live is a great way to engage your followers, increase brand awareness and improve trust. Your audience get to know you better than ever and more than that, Facebook is prioritizing and promoting live videos.

But what if you’re terrified of doing Facebook live

Okay, so here’s the deal. You want to do Facebook live because it’s fun. You find it amusing and entertaining when your favorite influencer goes live, and you get to interact with them, and they answer peoples questions, and they are so genuine and candid in their reactions – it’s the most realistic view of them so far.

Facebook live videos have this certain level of genuineness to it. People like it because it’s not rehearsed or edited like other videos.

And you think, hey that is awesome, let me do that to my Facebook business page too, and you realize – it’s not all fun and games.

You tried and watched the replay – you look like you’re going to throw up, you don’t look comfortable at all!

You stopped midway because you forgot what to say and you panic because you’re already live and you’re trying to think of what to say as fast as you can, but you just stand there looking constipated. This might be in your head or worse, might have happened to you.

Before deciding not to do it ever again, here are some practical tips to overcome your fear of doing live videos.


I know, right? Didn’t I just said “genuine and not rehearsed?”

If you’re someone who does not like doing ad libs or just going with the flow or you don’t thrive in an unknown environment, you know you need this.
Practice in front of the mirror – or better yet practice while on camera. You don’t need to record it or go live, just seeing your face on the monitor or your phone’s screen and do some of your lines, find your pretty angle will do wonders for your confidence.

Prepare a simple script

Prepare a simple outline with important things to say so you don’t forget and you get to control the flow of the conversation.

It can be something that looks like this:

Greetings: Hi guys! <You tagline or something you say everytime>
Topic and why this topic
Ask them to comment and share
My answer to the question in the topic
*Mention Republic Act 1234
Closing: Thanks for tuning in and see you next Monday, our next topic is all about…

You don’t have to be reading all the time since you practiced, you should have memorized what’s in there by now. But if you’re the type that freezes up when in front of other people (or in this case on a live video) having a script around and quickly glancing at it might bring you right on track.

Also, put it near where the camera is, so when you look at it, it’s not THAT obvious.

Avoid reading it like it’s idiot board. Because, well… *wink*

It’s there so you have control. And put you right back in topic when you veer off, especially when people start to engage with you on the comments.

Take it slowly

If you’re too shy to go live on your Facebook page, go live using your profile. Just do random things, talk about whatever. You can use that to connect with friends and family. I think this is really effective in “training” yourself to act naturally on your Facebook lives. It’s all about getting comfortable with talking in front of the camera, once you get the hang of it – you can be natural in front of strangers too.

Try doing a 3-minute live session first. Then after a day or two, do a 5-minute live session, until you can go for as long as 10 minutes.

Like any other post, you can choose who sees your live video, tinker with it if you need to. You can also just do live videos inside a group. Closed and secret groups can’t share content posted inside, and only members get to see it. You can go with groups if you want to get opinions from colleagues and peers without letting the whole world see the video.

If you noticed, all three tips just have to do with your confidence and being too self-conscious. Because that’s all there is! 🙂 Don’t be too afraid of Facebook live videos, rather think of it as an opportunity to talk to your audience as if they are face to face, you get to express your emotions more genuinely.

Pro Tip: SMILE.

Smiling automatically improves your mood and relaxes you.

It’s just like getting up close and personal, and they won’t care about the things that bother you – it is what you have to say and how you say it they are really interested with. So go and do those Facebook lives!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks . Really need this TIPS 🙂


  2. butligmaryanne says:

    I’m someone who’s really afraid to talk in public and do facebook live. Love this tips. I’m gonna try this out soon! 🙂


  3. Marianne S. Enriquez says:

    This helps. I love the pro tip: SMILE. Thanks for sharing.


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