10 things you should be doing on your Facebook page

With too much information out there about what to do and what not to do on your Facebook page, it gets a little noisy. I’d be straight up with one thing though: It’s good to listen to gurus and experts but doesn’t forget to “listen” to your target audience as well.

In the end, I find that well performing Facebook pages were doing everything I have listed below and eventually did great in converting their Facebook likes and audience to real customers.

Regularly checking Facebook Insights

Regularly checking insights and finding out if there is a trend – that is something anyone who wants to grow their Facebook pages should do. Thinking that you know what your audience wants more than they do will set you up to fail.

Find out – what type of content do they react to. What time of day has the most views?

Completing your Facebook page’s information and About section.

Don’t laugh. This happens- maybe you’re just in a hurry in creating the page or did not think it mattered at all.

It’s hard to say what good pages have in common, but almost all pages that are doing bad has a lot of holes in their About section.
Imagine a potential customer finally wants to buy your product but can’t find a piece of information in your posts, they would normally check out your About section for a phone number or website. And if it’s not there?

Sure they can send you a message on Facebook anyway – but what if no one was there to answer right away?

Post more images and videos

Too much text is boring. Unless that’s what your audience prefers, but most often than not – pictures and videos get more interaction. Humans are visual animals. Don’t forget that.
Also, try creating images that are relatable and shareable. For example, a clinic Facebook page may post an image about eating healthy with tips on the caption and a good looking image – you can even opt for something motivational.
Another example is a travel agency posting a breath-taking picture of a place with a quote about traveling.

Videos are getting more and more relevant. A lot of well-known sources have said that videos are the next big thing on Facebook. If you use Facebook personally, you should notice how much video shares land on your newsfeed, and even though the main reason for that is because your friends are sharing more videos, you get to see posts with videos on it more than text posts. Text posts will appear if Facebook thinks it’s relevant to you, like if a lot of your common friends react and comment on the post. But videos, even with low interactions – you get to see more.

So start experimenting and getting the hang of videos and video marketing as early as now.

Have a consistent and uniformed feel on your images

If you like creating images, use the same set of fonts, colors to instill your brand to your audience. It’s easy – they get to remember you more. If they see your post on their feed, they’d know it’s you. They’ll remember you. And the next time they need your service – they might just think of you.

Any brand awareness social media manager will tell you the same.

Do Facebook lives

If videos are going big, Facebook live is much much more than that. Whenever you go live, the people that liked your page gets a notification, Facebook itself is telling them to watch you! In some cases, Facebook also shows you live video to friends of people who interact with your live feed even without them sharing.

It’s also an excellent way to communicate and build a connection with your audience.

Interacting through the comments

Don’t just post things. If people start to comment, reply back! Of they feel like interacting with you is welcome, they get more and more comfortable with you, may even share your content to their friends, tag their friends on your post. That’s free publicity right there!

Being comfortable ends to trust and trust usually ends to conversion.

Post content with value and not just about buying/getting your services

People don’t like hard sells. That’s a rule of thumb. So stop shoving your products or services down people’s throats, they know you’re a business. But if you start to post content that they find valuable, they’ll start to like you more. They’ll turn to you for more information about your niche, you’ll be seen as a subject matter expert in that category, and when it’s time to showcase your services, they’ll be more forthcoming in buying.

Post something timely that aligns with your brand and company

Find something people are talking about and connect your brand to that post. Example: An apparel brand might show more of their rainy outfits during a week of non-stop rain.

Track your competitors

See what’s working for them and try to keep their tactics in mind as you strategize for your next move. Don’t copy exactly what they are doing; people don’t like copy-cats (unless you can do better!)

But if you see what type of posts gets more attention you may want to consider that for your next ad campaign or content calendar for the coming weeks.

Don’t be too stingy

Don’t be afraid to do a small Facebook Ad campaign, you don’t need big bucks for this, but if you see that your stats are stuck, maybe you need a little boost! (I don’t recommend boosted posts though, do a proper ad instead!)

Spending a little while your starting out won’t hurt. This is actually highly recommended for new Facebook pages. Targeting the right kind of people is the key to maximizing the money you spend on ads on Facebook.

This might not all apply to your Facebook strategy now but if you get anything off of this, make sure to really know your audience –  your target audience. Thousands of likes – that’s really awesome, but if that does not convert, that’s just vanity metrics that you paid really high for.

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  1. butligmaryanne says:

    These tips are really helpful for my facebook page. Love it! 🙂


  2. Marianne S. Enriquez says:

    Facebook ads are becoming more popular nowadays. I suggest that you write and share content about utilizing Facebook Ads Manager effectively. Thank you.


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